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In-Game Rules
Started by DemonicAether



15 Jan 2021
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16 Oct 2021



1. Bots
The use of bots is prohibited. They are an unfair advantage that can mine for you or pvp.

 1st Offence: 7d Ban
 2nd Offence: 15d Ban
 3rd Offence: Permanent Ban


2. Ban/Mute Evasion
If you are banned/muted from DemonicAether and you try to login to another account while you are still banned/muted, you will be IP banned/muted from the server and unable to join ever again. We strongly suggest not using alt shops as they commonly resell the same account. These accounts are usually banned on DemonicAether so if you login you may be banned by our staff team for ban evading.

 1st Offence: IP Ban


3. Cheating
Anything that gives you an advantage over another player is classed as cheating. Caught doing this and you will be permanently banned from the server.
 1st Offence: 15d Ban
 2nd Offence: 30d Ban
 3rd Offence: Permanent Ban


4. Abusing cell purchase
Logging on alts to claim multiple cells is prohibited and you will be permanently banned along with your main account.

 1st Offence: Warn
 2nd Offence: 2d Ban
 3rd Offence: 7d ban


5. Report Abuse
We implemented a command for you to report players to make it easier for you. Abusing this by putting in false reasons to get a staff members attention, or putting in random rubbish is a punishable offence.

 1st Offence: Warn
 2nd Offence: 1d Ban
 3rd Offence: 5d Ban


6. Exploiting or Bug Abuse
Exploiting and bug at all, whether it be vanilla Minecraft or one of our plugins is not allowed. Things like duplication glitches are completely prohibited from using and you should report to a staff member if you ever stumble across one. Failing to report any exploits or bugs will result in your being blacklisted.

 1st Offence: Permanent Ban


7. Camping
Camping any of the furnace areas is prohibited or leaving alts afk inside on the presure plates blocking the door.

 1st Offence: Warn
 2nd Offence: Kick
 3rd Offence: 2d Ban


1. Excessive vulgar language
The use of excessive swearing towards a player or not, is not allowed on the server. Failing to comply with this rule will result in you being muted.

 1st Offence: Warn
 2nd Offence: 1h Mute
 3rd Offence: Permanent Mute


2. Advertising and links in chat
Links in chat are fine as long as they do not advertise any other Minecraft server or contain anything that could be deemed as inappropriate. Do not put in chat any links such as referral links or anything along those lines. Advertising of any Discord server is not allowed.

 1st Offence: 1d Mute
 2nd Offence: 5d Mute
 3rd Offence: Permanent Mute


3. Spam Encouragement
An example of this would be "Who wants free money??". You are not allowed to encourage the chat to spam. Doing so will get yourself muted.

 1st Offence: Warn
 2nd Offence: 2d Mute
 3rd Offence: 5d Mute


4. Player Disrespect and Staff Disrespect
Do not insult or disrespect any user on our server. Whether you may be saying it as a joke to them or not, it is not acceptable. Even if the user you are talking to is your friend, do not do it as the same punishments will apply.

 1st Offence: Warn
 2nd Offence: 1d Mute
 3rd Offence: 3d Mute


5. Racism and Discrimination
Racism and Discrimination is quite frankly disgusting. If you are caught saying anything racist or discriminating you will be permanently muted. Some examples of this is calling people disrespectful nick names based on their racial group, calling people homophobic names and categorizing people into ethnic groups. Whether you mean this to harm someone, or you are saying it in a joking manner to your friends, you will be muted.

 1st Offence: 2d Mute
 2nd Offence: 5d Mute
 3rd Offence: 10d Mute


6. Suicidal Encouragement
Anyone caught saying death threats, or encouraging someone to hurt themselves will be permanently muted. Again, even if you say "kys" to a friend, it is not acceptable and you will be punished.

 1st Offence: 10d Mute
 2nd Offence: Permanent Ban


7. DDoS or DOX Comedy
Both of the above things are completely illegal and will not be tolerated at all on our server. Whether you are joking around to your friends saying that you are going to "ddos them", or whether you actually plan on following through with your threat, you will be removed from the server. 

 1st Offence: Warn
 2nd Offence: 4d Mute
 3rd Offence: 8d Mute 


8. English in Global Chat
Our staff speak English as does the majority of the server. Players who speak other languages are welcome to do so via private message and faction chat however in global chat you are requested to use English only.

 1st Offence: Warn
 2nd Offence: 15m Mute
 3rd Offence: 2h Mute

NOTE: 4th Offence will usually be counted as a permanent ban/mute, also even if a punishment is not listed doesn't mean you will not be punished for it.

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