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You can discuss general stuff about the server here. If it a suggestion or similar, please post in the proper sub-forum.

General Information 14 days ago

You can post anything not related to DemonicAether here as long as it:

  • Doesn’t advertise other servers
  • Doesn’t contain political opinions or agendas
  • Hurts the DemonicAether brand

If something is not listed here it doesn't mean it is allowed. Contact an Administrator to verify. Failing to abide by these rules will result in punishments being deployed.

Off-Topic Information 14 days ago

Maybe staff are unavailable to answer your question or it requires an answer by a player who has more experience in the server’s mechanics or gameplay. Do not post troll threads or they will be removed and a punishment will be deployed.

Community Assistance Information 14 days ago

Unable to obtain an item due to X reasons? Well on this sub-forum you can send in a trade request. These trades can range from anything to everything(related to the minecraft server). Simply title the thread’s title as what your looking for and in the text box list the item you are looking for and what you are willing to exchange it for. Whether its money or another item.

Trade Center Information 14 days ago



1. Excessive vulgar language
The use of excessive swearing towards a player or not, is not allowed on the server. Failing to comply with this rule will result in you being muted.

2. Advertising and links in chat
Links in chat are fine as long as they do not advertise any other Minecraft server or contain anything that could be deemed as inappropriate. Do not put in chat any links such as referral links or anything along those lines. Advertising of any Discord server is not allowed.

3. Player Disrespect / Staff Disrespect
Do not insult or disrespect any user on our server. Whether you may be saying it as a joke to them or not, it is not acceptable. Even if the user you are talking to is your friend, do not do it as the same punishments will apply.

4. Racism / Discrimination
Racism and Discrimination is quite frankly disgusting. If you are caught saying anything racist or discriminating you will be permanently muted. Some examples of this is calling people disrespectful nick names based on their racial group, calling people homophobic names and categorizing people into ethnic groups. Whether you mean this to harm someone, or you are saying it in a joking manner to your friends, you will be muted.

5. Suicidal Encouragement
Anyone caught saying death threats, or encouraging someone to hurt themselves will be permanently muted. Again, even if you say "kys" to a friend, it is not acceptable and you will be punished.

6. DDoS / DOX Comedy
Both of the above things are completely illegal and will not be tolerated at all on our server. Whether you are joking around to your friends saying that you are going to "ddos them", or whether you actually plan on following through with your threat, you will be removed from the server.


1. Mic spamming
Purposely spamming your mic will get you either server muted or kicked and maybe banned!

2. Player Disrespect / Staff Disrespect
Insulting players / staff members while in a voice channel is not allowed and will get you either server muted or kicked and maybe banned!


1. Staff Impersonation

Pretending to be a staff member is against our rules. This can be in the form of nick naming yourself to the name of a staff member, saying that you're going to give out punishments or just straight up telling people that you are a staff member.

2. Inappropriate Nickname
Anything that you put as your nick name that you would not say in chat is classed as an inappropriate nick name. If you put anything in your nick name that breaks the rules above you will be asked to remove it.

3. Wasting staff time
Our staff are a crucial part to our server, and having their time wasted is extremely annoying. Anything from false reports, leading staff on or creating false problems for them to come and try and solve is not allowed.

Discord Rules 22 days ago
No friends.