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Gameplay Rules
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1. Cheating / 3rd Party Software
Anything that gives you an unfair advantage over another player due to external or disallowed game modifications is classed as cheating. You can find the list of allowed and disallowed modifications here: [to be made]

2. Punishment Evading
If you are banned or muted from the server and you try to login with another account, you will be blacklisted or permanently muted from the server.

3. Impersonation
Impersonation of another player or staff member is prohibited. This includes but not limited to privately messaging players or staff that you are another player or staff member in the hopes of receiving items or other information.

4. Exploiting
Exploiting a bug, glitch, vanilla feature or any of our plugins at all is prohibited. Failing to report any issues will result in you being banned.

5. Alting / Cell Abuse
A player is only allowed a maximum of 2 accounts. One main account and one alt account. Joining with alt accounts to claim multiple cells is prohibited and you will be punished.

6. IRL Deals
Selling servers items like armor, tools, custom enchants or any item on our server for real life items, currencies or any other material or virtual possession.

7. Inappropriate Cell
Building inappropriate structures inside your cell is strongly prohibited. This includes lag machines as well as hateful builds towards a group of people or ethnicity.

8. Trapping
Trapping players inside of your cell is prohibited.

9. Block Glitching
Any form of block related glitching is prohibited.

10. Freezing your Minecraft
Intentionally freezing your Minecraft for an advantage is prohibited.

11. Scamming / Insiding
Scamming or Insiding other players cells is allowed. As a mainly prison gamemode we do not prohibit the acts of scamming or insiding another player.

12. Teaming
Teaming with other players or other factions is allowed.


Specific Rule Not Listed?
We may not always cover or account for every single possible scenario that may happen. If a rule is not listed, it does not mean that it is allowed. Always check in with a staff member, but in the case the staff member is not of help you can ask a higher up to clarify.


Last modified: 30th of June