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Staff Application FAQ
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Please take the time to read out this whole page before deciding whether or not to continue with applying for staff!


Q: How many times can I apply for Staff? 
 You may apply 3 times, waiting 2 weeks before being able to apply again if denied.

Q: My application has been rejected, what do I do now? 
 If your application is rejected it does not mean that you can no longer apply for staff, it just means that we, by judging your application, did not feel like you were suitable for the team. Read the question above for information about reapplying.

Q: Can I be staff on another server? 
 You can apply for staff on DemonicAether while being staff on another server, but we may not accept the application depending on the number of servers you are staff on.

Q: What are the staff requirements? 

  • If you wish to apply for staff, you must be over the age of 15. We want mature people who can handle tough situations. 
  • A must have in order to apply for staff is having previous experience. This can range anywhere from having knowledge of basic staff things to administrator level experience.  
  • Correctly formatted paragraphs and not just a block of text. We don’t want to read messy or unorganized applications. 
  • Being able to record videos of rule breakers is a must, as well as having a microphone. 
  • Having pretty good knowledge of the English language since that’s how most people communicate. 
  • A requirement of at least a few hours is needed before applying. We want to know if you are an invested player or just someone looking for staff. You can check your playtime by doing the “/playtime” command in-game. 
  • You must have a clear understanding of the rules and how to uphold them. 

Q: What are the common denial reasons? 

  • Making an application within the 2 weeks wait period of a denial. 
  • Using an old application without any major changes or effort. 
  • Creating a troll application.
  • Lying in your application. 
  • Reapplying within 30 days of resigning or being demoted. 
  • Not putting enough effort into your application. 
  • Arguing about the decision of your application. 
  • Being a toxic member of the community. 
  • Targeting staff members. 
  • Not meeting the requirements listed above.